First days of school are over. Feeling overwhelmed, scared, tired (but yes, a little bit excited too). You would have loved being around such talented and creative bunch of people. And you would have fitted to that group so well… where as me… *sigh* I don’t know. The crazy thing is, that the subject I’m most scared about is the one I should have the most (?) experience… Photography.
I’m horrified by the thought of handling a camera.
What if I can’t take pictures anymore?
What if I’m not creative enough?
What if I am not good enough?
What if?

The ever-continuing tiredness remains. There are a lot of things I should get done, and I’m just too tired to do anything. Too many things in progress, I’m running out of brain capacity to handle all of them. And yet I’m trying to pretend everything is fine and I’m as normal as everyone else.

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