Dare I … ?

In the past year or so (well, not quite but close enough I guess) I’ve tried to push the boundaries of my comfort zone just a tiny little bit further from me.. to avoid suffocation, you know. Sometimes things work out nicely and I end up having nice/awesome experiences and a good time, and sometimes.. well, not so much.

Every time before doing something (or considering of doing something, or even recognizing the possibility to consider doing something… you get the point :) ) I end up having the very same discussion with myself.

Can I do this? Do I dare? What if I can’t? What if I mess up? What if I’m just a weirdo and everyone thinks I’m an idiot? (ok, they do, but that’s not really the point)

The point is, I think, that it’s exhausting. To always second-guess oneself. To always be so damn concerned about every little thing. The best things seem to happen when I don’t allow myself time to think things through. Well, too much anyway.

This is an example of what happens when I’m too f*cking p*ssed off to think/care about how freaked out I will be, and just sign up for things that seem interesting. :) A photo is from a burlesque/pin-up posing workshop held by Mallas Athene and Gigi Praline about a month ago.

Posing for the burlesque-workshop
Posing at the burlesque-workshop, photo by “Eija Jokilahti Photography

(oh, and this was definitely one of the “awesome experience and supercool time” -moments, in case there was any doubt about it :) )

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