It’s been a long time

Hey love,

It’s been a long time since we’ve talked. I know, lately it’s more up to me to do the talking…

I’ve thought about you a lot today. About how utterly unfair it was for you to leave me like that. (oh sure I know you didn’t do that on purpose, nor did you want or choose that, but you left me nevertheless) About how different things would be if you’d still be here. How I wouldn’t be in the mess I am today. (yes, you know, I’m sure… sorry about everything, I’m a trainwreck, you know that, don’t you..?)

(And as I’m writing this, I’m watching the fog sneaking closer and closer, can’t see the neighboring building anymore, beautiful. You would’ve loved this… oh how I’d love to go and get lost in the midst of the fog, it’s so pretty out there)

I just wish I could talk with you. I remember how when things got really bad, we’d just spend the evening night talking about unicorns or beheadings or bunnies… we talked quite a bit about bunnies, didn’t we? … And afterwards things didn’t seem quite so bad or difficult or painful.

Maybe, instead of Fibonacci pidgeons, I’ll go and see if I can spot the rare and elusive Fibonacci bunnies…

Love you. <3 (yes, even after all these years and with everything that has happened…)

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