Warning signs

Thought I’d write a whole new post, but maybe I’ll try to finish off this older draft instead. So, here goes..

Five warning signs of depression:

  1. A shift in sleep patterns. (✓)
  2. Excessive anxiety and irritability (✓)
  3. Frequent feelings of hopelessness and helplessness paired with uncontrollable bouts of tears. (✓, except maybe for the last one, I think I’m all out of tears)
  4. A lack of interest in activities and hobbies that once were exciting. (✓)
  5. The inability to focus, concentrate or make decisions for lengthy periods of time. (✓)

Pretty impressive list, no?

So. What to do? It’s time to:

  • bring in some help
  • seek some guidance
  • talk to someone
  • seek some help
  • seek advice outside our immediate social circle


Easier said than done, though. Throw few additional “issues” into the mix, and you’ll have a nice little bowl of messed up brain of mine.

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