Summary of thoughts

Sometimes there is a song (or few) that captures a situation or a period of time perfectly. These few songs summarize rather accurately feelings from past few days (weeks?).

… all you are, is never, never ever enough
and all, all you are, is never, never ever enough

I don’t wanna be another one who loses
I don’t wanna be left alone with the broken heart

(Agonizer: Everyone of Us)

My feelings are depressed and I’m the one to blame,
they’re much too strong to feel and drugs will do the same.

Look inside here, there’s something to find
it might not be pretty, but it’s all mine
right from the start I made myself clear
I need something to feel, something you don’t fear…

(Agonizer: Haze)

So yeah. Pretty much the same shit as always. I was wondering though, what was so different in our relationship comparing to anything before (or after)… why didn’t we encounter such problems and struggles as I seem to encounter with everyone else? What was wrong (or right) with us? With you? Would things have gotten equally difficult or bad given enough time?

Maybe “the good stuff” ended because I’m not meant to be with anyone?



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