.. me as a person

My interests outside of work consists mostly of highly cozy things, such as spending time with my two cats, Nokitassu and Sirius. Other interests being green tea (with honey, naturally 😉 ), meditative knitting and various paper crafts. It is surprising how much tech-savviness is required to do simple things like knitting a pair of socks simultaneously from the toe up or folding a piece of paper into a snowflake. Lately I have immersed myself into the fine arts of instinctive archery, which I am doing with my very fine longbow 😉 And, as if one upper-body hobby is not enough, I’ve also taken up badminton =)

… me as a professional

I have more than 10 years of experience in a variety of computer-oriented designing tasks. I am self-guided and proficient in problem solving. My strengths are abilities to visualize and simplify even relatively complex issues. I am relatively skilled in using Adobe graphics editors, such as FreeHand, Fireworks and Illustrator. I have also created a set of online-help videos using Captivate and Flash. InDesign has become familiar to me over the years (and I’ve grown quite fond of it too… mutual feelings of acceptance, I would guess). Newest member in my skills profile is Premiere Pro, with which I’ve created a set of demonstration videos, those can be seen here.

… my skills


Microsoft Office
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Fireworks
Adobe Photoshop
Flash Animation
Adobe FreeHand
Adobe Premiere Pro



Operating Systems



Social Media

Work Experience

Niilo Mäki Institute, Jyväskylä
Oct 20th, 2003 – Dec 31st, 2014 (current)
Research assistant, IT-support, technical assistant, project employee

Pellervo library, Tampere
Aug 28th, 1995 – Feb 27th, 1996
Apr 18th, 1995 – Aug 18th, 1995
Library assistant

Education & Courses

Further Qualification in Audiovisual Communication (unfinished)
November, 2012 – November 2013
Jyväskylä Institute of Adult Education

InDesign Wizard Basics, CS5
Mixtum: Pasi Kainulainen (JKL, NMI)

Flash CS3 pro – basic course
Oct 2nd, 2008 – Oct 3rd, 2008
IADE, Helsinki

Vocational Qualification in Business Information Technology
Sep 10th, 2001 – May 30th, 2003
Jyväskylä adult education

Certificate for Basic Computer Skills (similar to European Computer Driving License)
Sep 7th, 1998 – Oct 16th, 1998
Jyväskylä adult education



Other languages (in progress or just forgotten...)

Frenchbeginner in learning
Russianstudied for 8 years
(but that was long time ago, and unfortunately I haven’t used the language since)