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Sue Rumsey Sue Rumsey @dhballoons

This goalie will wear her skates and pads to @TimHortons to get her #smoothie for the next game. https://t.co/DdiT0mITVA

1 week ago
Green Smoothie News Green Smoothie News @grnsmoothiepwr

Testimonial: “Energy levels are much better. I don’t have cravings for sweets like I had before.” https://t.co/TWvXlrYT13 #smoothie #recipes

3 weeks ago
Berri Bar Berri Bar @BerriBar

Afternoon rituals that set the tone for a balanced day 🙏🏼 #BerriBar #Smoothie #EatClean @ Berri Bar https://t.co/dt9UvSzM5f

3 weeks ago
Ian Triathlete Ian Triathlete @iantriathlete

@innocent Thanks – I am. Looking forward to expanding my mini super bobble collection! And drinking you’re drinks 😂… https://t.co/BfNZwSo7OL

3 weeks ago
(((RebeccaMcGrane))) (((RebeccaMcGrane))) @RebeccaMcGrane

#ACEFIT RT FitExpertJess: Chatted with WomensHealthMag about post #workout considerations & shared my personal #smoothie #recipe

3 weeks ago